Valley Metabolic Program

Utilizing carbohydrate restriction to improve metabolic health.

Welcome to the Valley Metabolic Program!


The VMP is designed to support patients using a diet first approach to treat type 2 diabetes or other appropriate metabolic illnesses. We focus on reducing medications when possible, while optimizing other medications to lower risk of diabetes or other metabolic complications. We use a low carbohydrate high fat (LCHF) way of eating. While there are various healthy patterns of eating such as whole foods plant based diets and mediterranean diets, the VMP currently focuses on LCHF based on the evidence of its usefulness as well as needs of our local community.  In preparation for your visit with the Metabolic Clinic please review the below information that introduces you to low carbohydrate diets and the Valley Metabolic Program.  

Valley Metabolic Program Guide

  Utilizing carbohydrate restriction as a form of therapeutic nutrition to improve management of type 2 diabetes, PCOS, fatty liver, and other complications of excess weight.

Valley Metabolic Program Facebook

This community forum is open to patients who have seen a clinician familiar with the Valley Metabolic Program and have experience guiding people in LCHF and therapeutic nutrition. 

Valley Metabolic Program Membership

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What is included in the Valley Metabolic Program?

1. Physician consultation (no out of pocket expense).

2. A 3 hour Introductory Session. Our professional dietitian shares comprehensive information about type 2 diabetes, the science behind LCHF, and practical guidance on getting started.

3. Valley Metabolic Program Guide Book (see below)

4. VMP Facebook Page access.

5. Grocery Store Tour with our dietitian.

6. Group follow up visits for education at weeks 2, 4, 8, and 12.

8. Ongoing medical supervision with the providers at the Valley Metabolic Clinic.

What are the terms of Use for the VMP Guide and Web-Based Resources?

The Valley Metabolic Program Guide is intended for use by patients who are under the care of a clinician with competency in utilizing low carbohydrate diets for the purposes of therapeutic nutrition. The Valley Metabolic Program Guide is intended for use following an informed discussion of the risks and benefits of a low carbohydrate dietary intervention and within the context of ongoing professional medical support. Patients using this guide should receive individualized advice from their treating clinician regarding the appropriateness of following a low carbohydrate dietary approach for their specific medical condition(s). This Valley Metabolic Program Guide document is not a substitute for consultation with a healthcare prof

Upcoming Programs

At this time we are not offering any 3 month programs while we recruit a professional dietitian.

In the mean time patients of the Valley Metabolic Clinic can recieve an electronic version of the  guide, gain access to our facebook page, and monthly peer support sessions. We are working hard to plan our next 3 month program.


If I decide to enrol, what is the cost associated with the VMP?

The cost is typically $225 for three months; however, at this time we are not running a 3 month program. We are offering the guide, facebook page, and online resources without charge at this time. 

Is there a charge for seeing Dr. Mindrum or VMH physician in consultation or for follow up visits?

No, there is no out of pocket expense for seeing Dr. Mindrum in consultation or for follow up visits. Dr. Mindrum is paid by MSI for these services

Can I be referred to a dietitian?

Yes, we can refer you to a dietitian. If you have type 2 diabetes we can refer you to the diabetes centre for support. We can also refer you to dietitians in the community. Of note, not all dietitians are comfortable guiding patients in LCHF and we are actively working on a network of dietitians that may be available to support you.

Can I meet with a psychologist privately?

If desired, you may meet with a psychologist privately. This is particularly recommended if you have ongoing issues around impulsive eating, emotional eating, or having issues around depression, anxiety, or poor sleep. Please check with your insurance company to see if you have coverage for a private psychologist or inquire with us if interested in paying out of pocket.


Whether you would like to get a jump start on building a stronger knowledge base or if you are seeking to better understand LCHF and ketogenic diets before considering joining the VMP, please take time to review a few introductory videos that offer a nice background on using this strategy.


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