We are a group of Nova Scotians who live with the chronic disease of obesity. We are empowered because we understand the nature of obesity, that it is not our fault, and that treatment is available. This is our voice. We have been marginalized and stigmatized for too long. That time is coming to an end. We have walked the walk and learned what it takes to heal. To heal from weight bias and the negative messages we have heard throughout our lives. We are here to share our voice and support our peers. We are here to advocate for ourselves to gain access to proper resources and treatment.  We are here to speak to peers, clinicians, and policy makers: we deserve care, respect, and treatment. If you would like to join us or think we could be of benefit, please reach out to Valley Metabolic Health.



  • Maureen Dagle: public relations, press releases, patient advocacy, peer support.
  • Tony Hiltz: low carbohydrate and ketogenic nutrition.
  • Tamara Brownlee: peer support, advocacy, program development.
  • Denise Smith: peer support, advocacy, program and education development.
  • Marlene Jacobi: peer support, advocacy, program development.
  • Norma Oswald:  peer support, patient education.
  • Natalie White: advocacy


SUITE 250, 21 Roy Avenue, New Minas, Nova Scotia B4N 3R7

OFFICE PHONE: (902) 915-4435

OFFICE FAX: 1(855) 962-2375


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