Valley Metabolic Lifestyle

Improving health with therapeutic nutrition, movement, and behavioural change.


Type 2 diabetes, fatty liver, PCOS, and complications of obesity are diseases of metabolism. Lifestyle interventions that focus on a healthy pattern of eating, improved fitness, deeper sleep, and increased mindfulness can substantially improve metabolic health. We utilize therapeutic nutrition which is an “individually tailored intervention designed to manage or reverse metabolic disease.”  Whether you wish to focus on a low carbohydrate diet or other healthy pattern of eating we aim to support  you. We aim to connect you to resources that can help support you to achieve your goals while providing appropriate medical supervision through the Valley Metabolic Clinic.  


Let's Help You Achieve Your Best Weight

“Live the healthiest life you can enjoy, not the healthiest life you can tolerate”.

~Yoni Freedhoff, MD, Obesity Medicine Specialist. 


The VALLEY METABOLIC PROGRAM  provides education and support in following a low carbohydrate diet. Initially it was designed for patients with type 2 diabetes but now offering it for patients living with obesity and its complications. We can offer you an electronic version of the Valley Metabolic Guide that gives detailed information about how to safely follow a very low carbohydrate diet. As part of the medical clinic you will also have routine follow up visits and medical supervision. We also have a useful community facebook page and ongoing peer led support groups. There is no out of pocket cost for this service.  In the past we have offered a 3 month program that is currently not available but hope to offer this through a collaboration with the Nova Scotia Health Authority or other private dietitian. Stay tuned!


GRO is an innovative “app” that provides in depth education and guidance on a liberal low carbohydrate diet, exercise, and stress reduction. This opportunity is being offered as part of a study with the University of British Columbia so there is no cost to this program.  In order to be eligible you need to have a smart phone and not be currently following a commercial weight loss program or ketogenic diet. This innovative program is excellent if you feel motivated and feel somewhat comfortable with apps and technology.  This program focuses on a liberal low carbohydrate diet along with other lifestyle interventions including sleep, stress, and exercise. 

Enrollment for GRO delayed

  February 16th, 2020

We need further approval from the NSHA research committee prior to enrolling patients in this program.  We hope that we will gain approval in the near future so please stay tuned. Feel free to review what GRO is in the meantime and for those interested will get you started once it is available.  


The Valley Regional Diabetes Centre is staffed by professional dietitians and diabetes educators. We will be offering opportunities to learn about various forms of therapeutic nutrition including whole food plant based diets, low carbohydrate diets, as well as mediterranean diets.  If you have type 2 diabetes, we are happy to refer you to Valley Regional Diabetes Centre where they can support you in various nutritional approaches.



There are other organizations or companies that can support you in your journey.  Simply for Life  is a private company offering various packages including guidance in low carbohydrate diets and mediterranean diets. We have no financial affiliation with them but would be happy to support you if you wish to see them. There are other companies such as Weight Watchers or community organizations such as TOPS that can be helpful. In addition we are working toward having a network of private dietitians that may assist with time.


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