What is NOT the Cause of Obesity? 

Macklin Method: Weight Bias Handout

An Exercise: Reflecting On Your Own Experience of Bias


Have you been affected by weight bias? Did you hear negative comments about your body in your early life or later years? Did you ever feel like you were to blame for your weight or that its completely your responsibility to lose weight? It is extremely common for people to experience bias in their family, educational experience, work life, home life, relationships, and health care. Bias in society is often internalized into negative self talk, self image, and self esteem. Fortunately some of you will have not experienced or perceived much of this bias and enjoy a light and positive sense of self and well-being; however, many can be deeply and negatively effected by these beliefs and attitudes.  We invite you to reflect, journal, or talk with a friend. Feel free to post as you feel comfortable to the community as well. You are not alone! If you are in our clinical program we will continue to explore bias and your experience with it. Ideally with time there can be a healing from the burden of bias.

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