The long journey of resilience, joy, and maintenance

Congratulations all the time you have put in to understanding the chronic disease of obesity, thinking about bias and stigma, considering your own goals, and appreciating the tools you can consider to achieve your best health. With time we will be building out supports for ongoing behaviour change but want to leave you with this module on resilience by Dr. Macklin.  One of my mentors, Dr. Vallis, said at one point that our behaviour is a bit like the weather with sunny days, overcast days, and rainy days. One thing we know about life is that it is always changing and with that comes at times a lot of distress. Thinking back to the balance of “distress and well-being” it is so common that healthy behaviours often take a back seat with any sort of distress that can occur. So some ideas here are to at least know that, be kind to oneself and not beat oneself up if we lapse on certain goals when faced with distress. Perhaps at times there are things that can be done in the midst of distress or methods to “get back on track” sooner than later as we emerge. Please take a look at Dr. Macklin’s module here on resilience. Thank you so much for your time & wish you the very best in your life & health!

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